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Oct 23, 2012 6:00am EDT
playing the role of president obama in mitt romney's debate preparations. then coming up at 8:00, we have senator john kerry. he's been playing mitt romney in the president's debate prep sessions. of course earnings central is still in full swing. before the bell, we will hear from dupont, 3 m, united technologies, and many others. also a topic dominating discussions is the fiscal cliff. the annual meeting of the securities trade group is taking place in new york today. and the looming risk the u.s. economy is sure to be on the agenda of participants. we'll be joined by a few of those this morning. including gary gensler. chet heick will also be joining us. on the lighter side of thing, we'll have a rock star among us this morning. yeah, we mean this literally. not just the rock stars we usually have. john popper of blues travelers will be joining us on set at 8:40 to talk about the business of music. but first, let's get over to joe. you have some breaking earnings news? >> i do. at about six numbers for dupont. i'll give you the one that is comparable to expectations. and that is 44 cen
Oct 22, 2012 6:00am EDT
. this report of course came just days before tonight's foreign policy debate with president obama and mitt romney. >> great editorial piece in the journal about how that came about. some senior official obviously said that a tempting october surprise. talks about not just in that instance, a movie about how to-to-cheat on your wife where you're this bed with a woman, your wife comes in, you just keep denying as the woman gets dressed, you get dressed, your wife keeps say whog is this woman, what are you doing, what woman? until she finally leaves and then five minutes later the wife just gives up and says what do you want for dinner tonight. but that's typical of what we've heard for the last 3 1/2 years. >> tonight is the big debate. it will be focused on foreign affairs. and they've already put out a list of the topics he wants to get to. so i don't know what new will happen tonight. they'll be sitting at a table. this might be more calm. they won't be walking around. also there was a new photo that's been released of fidel castro. seen holding up the photo of castro, he says he met with
Oct 26, 2012 6:00am EDT
of that permanent growth that did take place took place during the eight years before president obama was elected. president obama did put this place a temporary set of measures to push the economy forward. recovery act in 2009. but the vast majority of that has rolled off by now. he has actually pushed for and signed into law larger cuts in domestic discretionary spending than we've seen in a very long time. and actually larger cuts in domestic discretionary spending than the simpson bowles commission wanted to see. there's no question that containing the scale of government is an important part of this. but there's also no question as the ceos recognized yesterday that something's going to have to happen on the revenue side. we're collecting now less than 16% of our gdp in revenues. that is lower than anytime since the second world war. >> but just as people argue that 25% that we're speaking, part of that we need to spend because we've been through this very deep recession, and also part of the reason that we're at 16% on the revenue side is because we've just been through this very deep reces
Oct 25, 2012 6:00am EDT
? >> because you're con fwlating it with obama's plan to let the bush tax cuts expire on people in the top 2%. there are people that want to go back to -- >> i don't think they're suggesting that -- there t. tis about personal income. >> this is simpson-bowles. the ceos say they can succeed both financially -- you have to include comprehensive and pro-growth tax reform which broadens the base. the entire base of people. lowers tax rates, raises revenues and reduces the deficit. because the left is jonesing for the clinton top marginal -- just so we can get back to that -- >> they walk a fine line and the campaigns -- obama's campaign has not agreed to cut entitlements. romney campaign has not talked about higher taxes on -- >> obama's entire -- >> this walks you throughout middle of both. >> the 20 page thing that he wasn't going to release, that talks about nothing with entitlements. all talks about is raising taxes on the top 2%. we had bob shrum the other day once again with the talking points about back in the '90s -- >> i'm not trying to conflate it with clinton. all i'm suggesting is t
Oct 24, 2012 6:00am EDT
for a third term. not clear, by the way, that bernanke wants a third term even under obama, but how does that affect or impact your thinking in terms of politics? >> i think bernanke has done an absolutely superb job. i mean, what he did in the fall of 2008 was gutty, it was basically right, you know, everybody can talk about tinkering at the edges, but i will say this, if ben bernanke hadn't been there in 2008, i'm not sure where we would be now. i have enormous respect for him. he's a very, very intelligent man. you've got to respect him enormously. and, you know, he sees an economy that he's sort of fighting by himself to get started when you look over at a congress that's more or less paralyzed. and i would never bet against him. i would say that i get a little worried about continuously expanding the balance sheet of the fed. and, you know, we now are getting 3% of our revenues from the profit that the fed is running on its carry trade if you look -- >> the united states gets 3%? >> yeah. that 2.4 trillion or 2.5 trillion of revenue, the fourth biggest item, the first item is person
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5